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Pupils (incl. Safeguarding + Admissions)

Our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is:

 Mrs Carrie Slade


Our Deputy Safeguarding Leads are:

Mr. Ryan Davies (Headteacher)

Mrs Lauren Mackie (Deputy Headteacher)

Mr. Edward Rees (Assistant Headteacher)

Mrs. Linda Lewis (Chair of Governors - Safeguarding)


Our Assistant Safeguarding Leads (ASL) are:

Mr A Rosser (Assistant Headteacher)

Mr Robert Wagland (Assistant Headteacher)

Mrs Laura Connolly (Assistant Headteacher)

Ms L Thomas 

Mrs T Kershaw

Mrs B Parker

Miss K Gully 

Ms J Clarke 

School Telephone Number: (01656) 815559

Social Services Duty Desk: 01656 642320 / 642331 until 17:30 hrs. After 17:30 hrs, you will be re-routed to an emergency number. If all else fails, contact the Police on 101 or 01656 655555 and ask for Duty Desk Bridgend Police.