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Welcome, I am Mrs. Mackie the Deputy Headteacher at Ysgol Brynteg School. Being part of this incredible school community is a joy, and I am passionate about fostering an environment where our pupils thrive. We are fortunate to have an exceptional team of dedicated teachers and support staff who consistently go above and beyond to ensure our students are not only happy but also receive the best education possible. Equally, our pupils contribute to a positive and supportive atmosphere, showcasing enthusiasm, hard work, and camaraderie.

A significant aspect of my role is dedicated to enhancing teaching and learning experiences for all our pupils. Our educators tirelessly craft innovative, exciting, and engaging lessons that make learning at Brynteg a truly enriching experience.

Whatever stage you are navigating through on your educational journey, Ysgol Brynteg School offers a remarkable learning environment. We hope our Learning Pages provide you with a glimpse into the engaging experiences across all of the Key Stages.

Best regards,

Lauren Mackie Assistant Headteacher