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In recognition of the diverse needs of our pupils, we have a well established Dyfodol provision for learners in years 7-10. The Dyfodol provision supports learners who may find the normal timetabling of a comprehensive school challenging. This provision maximises the opportunities to learn. Pupils have access to a full-time secondary learning experience with the aim of providing a curriculum tailored to each individual pupil to effectively bridge the gap between primary and secondary school.

Pupils are taught literacy, numeracy, and humanities subjects and they access the following practical subjects in the secondary setting; Art, D&T, Textiles, Food, Science, and PE. We are proud of our Dyfodol provision where a pupils' curriculum is truly built around their individual needs and interests. It actively promotes a growth mindset and focuses on social and emotional wellbeing. Dyfodol aims to provide pupils with the tools to cope with secondary classes. It creates a calm, inviting environment where pupils are comfortable to talk and ask questions. Pupils are actively encouraged to express their opinions, work towards independence, and build self-esteem.

Our KS4 Dyfodol provision has gained centre approval to run the Princes's Trust qualification. Our centre agreement can be located below.