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Lockers for all pupils

Brynteg is a large school and you will need to do quite a bit of walking during the day! We don't think you should have to carry all of your books/kit and other equipment with you (although some pupils prefer to do this) and have the opportunity to use one of our lockers.

You will find the lockers right around the school and so you are never too far away from one! They really are very easy to use as there are no keys - you open each one with a combination lock (just like those that are used for bike locks).

Decide where you want you locker to be

There are lockers everywhere! Some pupils like to have lockers close to their form rooms and for you, this would mean reserving your locker in the maths or science blocks. Some pupils share lockers with a friend and then have one at opposite ends of the school. It really is up to you.

Our lockers are provided by . Simply visit their website, select Brynteg from the first page and then choose your locker. There is an annual fee paid directly to the company for the use of the locker.

Once the locker has been paid for, you will be sent a code which you will need to use to access it. It is really important that you do not forget this as we do not have a list of the codes ourselves. The only thing to remember after this is to ensure that you rebook your locker at the end of the year if you want to keep it (if not, you need to ensure that you clear your locker out for the next person to be able to use)

Enjoy using your locker!

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